Personal Trainer in Clifton, Bristol - Weight Loss Specialist



Using a combination of sensible training and honest, empathetic guidance, I offer you a healthy way to lose weight & reach your goals.



One of the keys to getting fit and reaching a healthy weight is finding enjoyment in exercise and making it part of your life. Losing weight is hard, keeping it off and staying fit can be an even bigger challenge.

Following your initial consultation, I will create bespoke, progressive training sessions to educate, inspire and challenge you; pushing you beyond your comfort zone towards your goals & a healthier, happier you.


Sensible Nutritional Guidance

I will offer safe, sensible nutritional guidance to help you fuel your body effectively whilst moving towards your goals.


Holistic approach

I offer honest, empathetic support that goes beyond the training sessions. This all-round support is designed to help you build healthier, sustainable habits and meaningful lifestyle changes.

I would like you to see me as a coach and mentor, as well as a friend. You can reach out to me for advice or when you need a boost, but also fill me in on your progress and successes in-between sessions.

If you’re ready to get started, contact me to arrange your free consultation.