Personal Trainer in Clifton, Bristol - Weight Loss Specialist


what sofitt clients have to say…

Harry has been fantastic in helping me achieve my fitness and fat loss goals. His knowledge is unreal but manages to keep things simple so I can understand everything well. I have tried a number of PT’s in the past but none have managed to ‘tick all the boxes’. I’d recommend SoFitt to anyone looking to achieve any health/fitness goal whether it be weight loss, mobility, strength, conditioning or even just to get motivated! Thanks Harry, you’ve finally put me on track!
— Jamie Champness
Being someone who isn’t a fan of the conventional gym I was apprehensive about contacting a personal trainer. Harry at SoFitt instantly made me feel at ease; he totally understood where I was coming from. Harry advised the best way to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve & gave me the confidence to go for it. His sessions are hard but enjoyable and the results have been life changing. Harry offered constant support and I continue to enjoy weekly sessions -  I couldn’t recommend him highly enough
— Clare
Having cycled for many years I got in touch with Harry at SoFitt to see how he could help improve my fitness. After working with him for several months with a focus on improving my core and strength, I started to see the improvements on the bike. I was able to climb with more power and efficiency and was managing longer rides as my endurance increased. My sessions with Harry tested me - they were fun as well as informative. I highly recommend Harry to any one who is looking to achieve their fitness goals and I look forward to setting new goals with him for the future”.
— Matt